Saudi Arabia

Thousands of Yeminis took to streets in the coastal city of Al Hadeeda against the barbaric attacks of Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni army forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees, have killed 24 Saudi soldiers in two separate attacks in retaliation to the relentless Saudi bombardment of the impoverished nation.

Five people were killed in a bomb and shooting attack at a mosque in the region of al-Ahsa, in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, which has a Shia-majority population.

The European Union governments appear like angels until you hear them speak. However, one must not rush to judge people by the beauty of their words, but by the content of their actions.

According to the Awqaf and Guidance Department of Yemen’s Sana’a province, 136 mosques have been partially or completely destroyed in the coalition’s aggressions.
Tens of Mosques Destroyed in Yemeni Capital by Saudi Arabia

 Vice President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh said the condemnation of execution of Shahid Nimr al-Nimr should be followed through international bodies.

The United Nations says it is planning to open peace talks on Yemen in mid-December, by which time the warring sides are expected to implement a humanitarian truce to ease the hostilities in the war-torn country.

The 37th edition of international competition on Quran memorization, recitaion and interpretation in Saudi Arabia has been held since November 7 in the holy city of Mecca.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif authoritatively took on Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister during recent negotiations on the Syrian crisis in the Austrian capital of Vienna, says a senior Iranian official.

Human rights activists say Saudi Arabia has been using internationally-banned weapons in its military aggression against Yemen.



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