Pope Francis

 Pope Francis, leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, has responded to the letter by Head of the Shia Scholars’ European Union over Christmas felicitations.

Pope Francis underlined the need for Iran to play a leading role in campaign against terrorism.

The United Nations brought in 250 additional peacekeepers from Côte d’Ivoire over and above those already stationed in the CAR to help the authorities provide security for Pope Francis’s two-day visit to Bangui, the war-ravaged country’s capital.

Just a few months after Pope Francis gave positive declarations about Islam and was supported as much as he was criticized, a short video has resurfaced of the Pope on the topic of Islam.

Pope Francis pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to pursue peace in Ukraine, calling for “all concerned parties” to implement a four-month-old agreement.

Concluding his three-day visit to Turkey, Pope Francis has confirmed that Islam is a religion of peace, rejecting rants targeting Muslims over acts committed by a minority group.

Pope Francis has arrived in the occupied West Bank at the start of a two-day tour to the occupied Palestinian territories amid protests by Israelis opposed to his visit.

In his January 1 Angelus address, Pope Francis said that the same Holy Spirit who made the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary fruitful also inspires the efforts of peacemakers.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis asked the head of all religions to reject any type of violence and terrorism in the name of religion.

Pope Francis condemned the use of chemical weapons Sunday, when he announced a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria on Sept. 7 and called for a negotiated settlement of the civil war in the Middle Eastern country.


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