Georgia’s State Agency for Religious Affairs has entrusted 10 more mosques to the Georgian Muslims Department.

Friday prayer leader of Ramis said that under the title of ‘most important religious centers’, Mosque plays an important role in training the forces which are engaged in paving the way for arrival of Hazrat Baqiya tullah (ATFS).

 As many as 104 mosques have been destroyed by the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group in the Iraqi city of Mosul and its suburbs, an official said.

It’s lunchtime on a Friday and dozens of Muslim men are kneeling in prayer inside an austere unit on the ground floor of the dilapidated Kai Tak Mansion in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

According to the published reports in Yemen 144 mosques and mausoleums were destroyed as result of Saudi attacks of Yemen during the last year.

Egypt’s Minister of Awqaf announced that more than 1000 mosques have been constructed in the North African country during the past year.

Claiming that children minds should not be distracted by religion, Uzbekistan pro-Russia government has banned children from attending regular Friday and `Eid prayer in mosques, in the latest violation of their religious rights.

A Bahraini human rights activist said the Al Khalifa regime’s move to destroy Shia mosques in the country set an example for others, including the ISIS terrorist group, to do so elsewhere.

Mosques and religious centers in the Pakistani city of Quetta have been prepared for hosting celebrations on the occasion of 15th of Sha’aban.

Several mosques around North Texas held open houses Saturday, inviting anyone with questions about Islam to come in and ask.


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