- About 300 activists demand Israel be brought to justice for rights violations after scores were killed in Gaza Strip.

An international conference in support of the people of Yemen kicked off in London on Saturday and ended on Sunday by issuing a final declaration in condemnation of the Saudi crimes.

The victory of Islamic Revolution and establishment of the Islamic system in Iran, achieved through long struggles of the Iranian nation under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, with the aim of protection of sublime Islamic values and sublimation of human dignity and honor, created a new era with distinct characteristics in the world.

 The occupied Palestinian territory has been ranked 195th in the world on how effectively children can take legal action to defend their rights

 The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) condemns in the strongest terms the killing of one of its staff members, who was abducted in April 2015 and whose death was verified only on Monday.

A forum titled “Justice and Peace in Quran and Religions” was held on the occasion of the Islamic Unity Week in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr. Ilgar Ibrahimoglu Allahverdiyev in exclusive note: Terror is disgusting regardless where it occurred. Terrorist is criminal, and it doesn’t matter what slogans he/she uses to cover own crimes.

Secretary General of the Islamic World Peace Forum underlined that Islam is a religion of peace and justice and condemns terrorist attacks like the recent ones in Beirut and Paris.

 One of the main principles that Islam, through the Holy Quran and the prophetic traditions, has given a major role in running the universe is the issue of justice. Allah has described himself as being Just.

The reported killing of two Iraqi journalists by extremists has been condemned by the head of UNESCO, the UN's cultural agency.


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