Secretary-General of the Islamic World Peace Forum, Davood Ameri, Guardian Councilˈs ex-spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei and Head of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Tehran University Fazlollah Mousavi are also attending the gathering.

Seminar on Crimes Indictment against the Zionist Regime

The World Peace Forum is a non-governmental organizationa with a board of trustees, strategic council and secretary general. The objectives of the Forum includes reinforcement and development of peace at international level, combating terrorism, striving for global convergence on peace and fighting against warmongers, making peace on the basis of religious beliefs, striving for convergence of NGOs and elites who think of lasting peace.

According to IWPF,A conference titled ˈThe Indictment Against the Zionist Regimeˈ opened here on Wednesday in the presence of Vice-President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh.

Origin of recent Middle East terrorism is Zionists in Palestine. Defines levels of terrorism;

1) Hopeless individuals, e.g. Palestinians. 

2) Terror groups with just cause, e.g. IRA.

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