The United Nations' World Food Program (WFP) directly blamed Saudi Arabia for a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which has been the target of a Saudi-led war for two years and a half.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights office (OHCHR) expressed “deep concern” over the ever-deteriorating situation in the besieged Gaza Strip, three months after the electricity supply was severely cut by Israel at the behest of the PA.

The United Nations has warned that the world is facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the conclusion of World War II, when the world body was founded, as widespread starvation and famine are increasingly threatening the lives of over 20 million people in four impoverished countries.

The humanitarian situation improves in the oriental part of the Iraqi city of Mosul, after the expulsion of the ISIL, assured Tuesday the agency of the UN entrusted to attend the victims of conflicts and disasters.

 Iran has sent humanitarian aids to the citizens of Syria, local officials said.

The United Nations launched a record humanitarian appeal on Monday, asking for $22.2 billion in 2017 to help almost 93 million people hit by conflicts and natural disasters.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said in a press release on Sunday that nearly 500,000 children are currently living in besieged areas in war torn Syria without any access to humanitarian aid.

 Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshrou warned of the possibility of a humanitarian crisis in Yemen in case of delayed aid to the war-stricken country, and called on the UN to adopt immediate measures to this end.

 Around two million people need humanitarian assistance near the Syrian city of Aleppo, including the residents of districts controlled by the government forces, the deputy spokesman for the UN secretary-general said Monday.

A prominent refugee agency has warned that Yemen is facing an irreversible humanitarian catastrophe after over 500 days of Saudi Arabian airstrikes.


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