A Syrian minister said remaining militants in southern Damascus will not be offered reconciliation deals by the government.

 Remaining strongholds of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorists in Syria are likely to fall by the end of October, which must be the trigger for the international community to push for free and fair elections, UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said on Friday.

Daesh's self-proclaimed caliphate collapsed this week as the terrorist group has lost most of its power, influence and occupied territories but Takfirism ideology still remains to be serious danger to the global security.

 The Iraqi army recaptured the venue of the iconic Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, with the country’s state TV implying the liberation of the city, which has been under Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) control since 2014.

More than 30 killed, 40 injured in the latest attack by Daesh Takfiri terrorists on the Sunni town of Shirwat in southern Mosul.

A car bomb exploded at a predominantly Shia neighborhood in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing 13 people and injuring 24 others.

The United Nations has warned that Daesh terrorists are directly targeting civilians trying to flee from Iraq’s west Mosul.

ISIL terrorist group has admitted responsibility for the deadly terror attack in Manchester Arena that has left 22 people dead including children and wounded several more.

Daesh has launched a chemical attack in a recently-liberated area in west Mosul, severely injuring several Iraqi soldiers.

DAESH scheme closes to its end shortly on account of solidarity and unity of people in Syria and IRAQ," point out Sabbah Zanganeh.


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