Thousands of people took part in a massive rally in Britain’s capital London to express solidarity with Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip and condemn persisting atrocities by the Israeli regime in the occupied territories as well as UK’s inaction toward such violence.

The cultural and religious center of al-Hoda Islamic Society has been inaugurated in the Canadian city of Edmonton in the western province of Alberta.

An upcoming seminar in the Winkler-Morden area in Manitoba, Canada, will help people better understand Islam and Muslims in Canada and around the world.

Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum is still raising eyebrows, mostly among religious groups whose values clash with the liberal ethos the new curriculum promotes.

The comic image of Canada as the “great” defender of human rights does not hold water when it's a matter of First Nations' rights. It’s a disturbing tale.

A prominent Muslim cleric wants to distribute a checklist to help steer new and potential converts to Islam away from the path to extremism.

Reports of anti-Muslim harassment in Canada have risen, Muslim organizations say, after attacks last week in which two soldiers were killed by people authorities say were inspired by the militant group Islamic State.

About a dozen young Muslims stood outside at Phillips Square on Saturday, handing out single roses to passersby.

Human Rights Watch has slammed the Canadian government for violating the rights of indigenous women and girls.

With dozens of cultures and close to 50 languages spoken, Winnipeg's Muslim community could host its own Folklorama.


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