Thousands of people took part in a massive rally in Britain’s capital London to express solidarity with Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip and condemn persisting atrocities by the Israeli regime in the occupied territories as well as UK’s inaction toward such violence.

Police arrested seven people and used pepper spray Saturday after protesters clashed during an anti-Islam march in Melbourne, Australia.

A blaze that destroyed a mosque in northern Geelong, Victoria, Australia, today is the fifth arson attack targeting a place of worship in seven months.

The first edition of “Al-Huda” Quran memorization and interpretation competition for women will be organized in western Australia.

The devotees of the Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in Australia and Pakistan will hold ceremonies to marking the Fatimiyah Mourning Days.

A surge of anti-Islam sentiment swept across Australia on Sunday as protesters waving placards displaying slogans screaming "Say No to Sharia Law" and "Halal is Extortion" attended rallies nationwide organized by far-right wing group Reclaim Australia and splinter group, LoveAustraliaOrLeave.

Australian Aynur Simsirel wants to dispel myths about Muslims, to escape the seemingly endless political talk about radicalism, terrorism threats, citizenship or halal food.

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Canberra has so far managed to identify 250 citizens, including young people, who have been attracted to the ideology of the ISIL terror group operating in Iraq and Syria.

The verbal abuse of women in headscarves is on the rise in Melbourne, say Muslim women, with some being shoved and spat on while walking.

Growing oppression of Muslims in general, and particularly women in Australia brought a social media campaign in its wake.

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