It would take a blind man in the dark not to notice one obvious fact about the ongoing airstrikes by the United States and Turkey: They are protecting the terrorist groups of ISIL and al-Qaeda – their assets - by attacking Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria.

The rise of the terrorist group ISIL in the Middle East and its heinous atrocities against the people of Syria and Iraq has been constantly making the headlines in the mass media across the world.

The Islamic World Peace Forum requests that anti-war NGOs take an active, judicious approach toward awareness and prevention of such threats and join the Global Alliance against Attack on Syria.

Alliance of Elite for Slogan: “No to War”

More Than 100 Elite Members of the Permanent Secretariat of the Global Alliance for a Just Peace during a statment, any military measure against a country or its territorial integrity or political independence of an independent country is in contravention with the UN Charter and is considered an act of aggression.

Collection of Papers Global Alliance against Terrorism

Terrorism is an inhumane act and a catastrophe for human society. Today many of the Goverments claim to combat terrorism, yet what we see in reality throughout the world is that the globe is afflicted with injustice,violence, whereas the Creator of man has declared it a safe cradle and a domicile for the thriving of talents and an evolutionary path leading to him. On the other hand, we observe that all fair people gifted with divine temperament, disagree with violence and terror.

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