The 21st century’s world is the one sick of war, terrorism, oppression, injustice and is far away from spiritual values to the extent that there is rare spot on the world map which is free from damages of violence, war and terror.

Freedom, justice, security and peace are among the indisputable rights of all human beings, neglecting of which by many groups and some states is a clear act of terrorism and violating the basic rights of humans.

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) has always followed the Islamic principle of defending the oppressed against the bullying powers and also has laid emphasis on this principle in its intellectual fundamentals and endeavors.

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) offers its condolences to the Muslim community and all free-spirited peoples of the world on the martyrdom of Sheik Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the egalitarian cleric of Saudi Arabia.

The Permanent Secretariat of Global Alliance against Terrorism affiliated to the Islamic World Peace Forum has always condemned terrorist attacks against Muslims and non-Muslims as well as savage treatment of all human beings, considering such acts as inhuman and heinous.

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF), in discharging its responsibility as an NGO supporting just peace and human dignity in the region and the world, in a statement, expressing its regret over the Mina tragedy, reiterating the significance of human dignity and unity in the world of Islam.

During the past several weeks, the world has been witnessing Saudi Arabia’s massive air strikes against Yemen. As a result of these air strikes, supported by the United States and some Arab countries, over 1900 Yemeni civilians, many of them children and women, have been killed and injured.

IWPF’s Statement On the Occasion of the Day of Gaza

On the Occasion of the Day of Gaza, the Islamic World Peace Forum in a statement called for the establishment of an “International Committee to End Occupation of Palestine”.

Since long time ago, monotheistic religions, cultures and nations have considered peace and justice an important part of the indexes of a sublime life for human beings and international communities and have called on the entire mankind to follow these objectives.

Recognizing that the military and inhuman measures of the Zionist regime and large scale attacks and bombardment of cities, towns and villages of Gaza are violation of fundamental rules of international law and are consequently war crimes;


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