Final Statement of the International Conference on Alliance for Peace and Justice

We, participants at the “International Conference on Alliance for Peace and Justice” held on Sept. 19-20, concurrent with the International Day of Peace, announce that today, world peace, justice and security are facing increasing threats and challenges coming from injustice, war, poverty, pandemic diseases, hegemony as well as political, economic and cultural dominance, virtual colonialism, soft war and unequal distribution of healthcare services, while stressing that in addition to major responsibilities of the states, all thinkers, the elite and NGOs must seriously fulfill their humane and social liabilities in view of these threats.
Whereas reminding that peace and justice in public opinion in all world nations, religions and cultures are respectable as public demands;
Whereas placing emphasis on the fact that justice is needed for public health and for expressing empathy to the families of the victims of injustice, particularly those who have no sufficient access to medicines and health services due to unfair sanctions by hegemonic powers;
Whereas stressing the importance of and the need for creating a world culture for just peace, while regretting that justice has not been paid due attention in articles 52/13 of the UN General Assembly on Jan. 15, 1998 and the proceeding resolutions as the culture of peace, we request inclusion of the culture of just peace as a key component of activities related to the aforesaid resolution;
Whereas believing that illegitimate integration and cooperation with oppressing and bullying powers have always been denounced by the free nations of the world;
Whereas opposing any instrumental, dual, selective or one-sided use of the concept of peace, and also slamming weakening or ignoring the rights of nations to determine their fate, we denounce abuse of the right of self-defense, occupation of territory, racism, violation of territorial integrity and any dominance in the name of supporting peace;
Whereas opposing destructive discourses governing the international relations such as the “peace means calming down the situation” we request their substitution with constructive and peaceful discourse such as the approach saying “peace must be based on justice”;
Whereas expressing interest in and seeking cooperation with all justice-seeking nations and placing emphasis on the importance of the culture of just peace in establishment of the peace and security in their real senses, we announce any decision-making on just peace should be based on international initiative;
Whereas highlighting the pivotal role of culture in establishment of peace, friendship and justice, as well as in fighting discrimination, injustice and insecurity;
Whereas emphasizing the role of the elite and NGOs in dealing with international threats and challenges, peace and justice in particular, and welcoming the idea of establishing “Permanent Secretariat of the International Conference on Alliance for Peace and Justice” to investigate and find strategies for fighting challenges and threats before international just peace;
Whereas appreciating the Islamic World Peace Forum and those organizing this conference, civil, cultural and research organizations as well cooperative institutions for their initiative in successful management of this conference, we hereby announce our agreement on the following:
Desirable peace and justice are the long-lasting wishes and demands of all nations and humans. They are the prerequisites for development and perfection of individual and social life in human communities. Just peace is the only solution for realization of real and true peace in the world.
It is impossible to meet real and sustainable peace without paying due attention to justice. Therefore, the world opinion should seriously demand peace and justice as a means of salvation from the world leaders, heads of state and international organizations.
We support the idea of just peace as a common international discourse based on cultures, religions and codes of ethics, and whereby announce that peace based on justice and human dignity is the only one to be sustainable and in favor of humanity.
We are resolute in seriously pursuing any effort for joint understanding in realization of just peace and in fighting injustice. This, we intend to accomplish by activating intellectual, cultural, and professional capacities along with religious and ethical norms, and legacy of the world civilization through organizing more conferences, enjoying media capacities, offering consultation services to the governments and international organizations, offering proposals and solutions to the world assemblies, etc. in order to play a role in realization of just peace and fighting injustice.
We are of the opinion that the discourse on just peace, as a universal discourse, can pave the way for world peace which primarily needs cooperation and support by the elite, scholars, academicians, peace-seeking NGOs and all other peace activists. 
Thoughts expressed by prestigious world leaders such as Ayatollah Khamenei can bring the importance of just peace in the world to the attention of the world elite, through which the demand for peace and justice will be accelerated after formation of a world body of the elite. Therefore, revisiting and clarification of such thoughts are doubly stressed. 
We believe the only way for realization of peace and justice is through respecting real dignity of humans. No discourse will bear the fruit of real peace without honoring human dignity.
We express our concerns over desecration of prophets, religions and Divine values as well as attribution of extremism, violence, terrorism and injustice to the monotheistic religions, Islam in particular. While reiterating that Islam is the religion of mercy, philanthropy and a victim of terrorism itself, we observe Islamophobia as an obstacle to enjoying the legacy of Muslim nations in creating just peace. Therefore, publicizing any instance of Islamophobia and desecration of Divine religions will cause hostility among humans and will be a serious threat to peace among world nations.
We condemn inhumane acts and violence against the people of Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and other nations across the globe as well as foreign intervention in these countries as clear violation of human rights and a serious threat to peace in the region and in the world. We draw attention to the fact that universally acclaimed just peace will be the only solution to calm and security for humans across the world.
Sanctions are not the means for punishing the governments; rather, they are instruments for the pain and punishment of the people, especially the commoners. Therefore, any type of exceptionalism serves as an instance of anti-globalization of peace and security. At a time the world community is suffering from coronavirus pandemic, we condemn any oppressive and unilateral sanctions, especially bans on food and drugs that threaten the lives of children and women in various countries. Thus we request immediate lifting of these bans and stopping inhumane measures that stand against international law.
US efforts for normalization of ties between the Zionist regime and some regional Arab states cannot be a sign of peace in the region. Since such deals ignore justice and the legitimate right of the oppressed people of Palestine, they mean betrayal of peace ideals and act against human dignity and justice. Therefore, while slamming such practices, we ask free people of the world to condemn this deviational and seditious acts.
We express our supports to any exchange of ideas, interaction and dialog among cultures, religions, the elite and NGOs toward establishing an effectual alliance for identifying and neutralizing threats against world peace. Therefore, we welcome the initiative introduced at this conference that seeks establishment of a “permanent secretariat for study and exploration of strategies for fighting challenges and threats against world peace” in cooperation with the participating members. To realize this idea, we hereby authorize the Islamic World Peace Forum to establish the permanent secretariat and request regular sessions of this committee in Iran and in other member states.
Given the stipulations in Clause 16 of the Document on Sustainable Development and due to the need for standardization and creation of world norms such as peace and justice, the secretariat of the conference expresses readiness to send this statement along with a detailed report on scientific achievements to the high-ranking officials at world countries and world bodies - such as the United Nations - to be used in their future plans and decisions.

Islamic World Peace Forum

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