Statement of the Permanent Secretariat of Global Coalition against Terrorism on August 30 “The Day of Fight against Terrorism

August 30 marks an unprecedented terror act, which caused the martyrdom of President Mohammad Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar, two revolutionary figures and high officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as some of their colleagues in 1981. This terrorist act, which was carried out by the anti-revolutionary elements affiliated to the Western intelligence services targeting the revolutionary will of the Iranian nation to overthrow the nascent Islamic Republic of Iran, was unprecedented compared to other terrorist acts because it targeted two highest executive officials.
The Secretariat of the Global Coalition against Terrorism at the Islamic World Peace Forum, condemning the terrorist act, maintains that any attempt to kill human beings is a censured inhumane act in all human schools of thought, and, terror, which is used as a dastardly tool often harming the innocent people, is abhorred and strongly condemned.
Although terror and terrorism is as old as human history, due to excessive demands of individuals, groups and colonial countries, it has turned into a phenomenon, whose harmful effects do not spare any spot on the world.  Today, terrorism is the most serious problem of the international community and poses the most dangerous threats against the rights of the nations and international stability. In fact, today, more than 500 terrorist groups are active in the world ad spend millions of dollars every year. Without any doubt, such widespread activities, with such a huge amount of money, are not possible to carry out without the support of imperialist system (the arrogant powers).
This Secretariat maintains that:
• Abuse of the lofty concept of “fight against terrorism” by arrogant powers is among the most serious challenges of human society. The vague definition of the concept of terrorism, selective attribution of terrorism to others, resorting to the concept of “fight against terrorism” to use violence and breach the most fundamental human rights such as right to life and nationality and violation of international law and rules on the pretext of fight against terrorism, etc. are all in all an example of abuse, which particularly in the recent decade has turned into an instrument for expansion of their excessive demands and illegitimate goals and objectives.
• Those who claim to fight against terrorism run the greatest terrorist networks of the world and have planned the most organized terrorist structures in the form of state-sponsored terrorism.
• The Secretariat of Global Coalition against Terrorism earnestly asks the international organizations, including the United Nations and its Security Council, to take crucial decisions to radically encounter terror and terrorist groups.
• The Secretariat maintains that the international community must get united against terrorism and the organizational, financial, military and technical support of terrorism must be serious cut and blocked.
• The Secretariat of Global Coalition against Terrorism at the Islamic World Peace Forum maintains that any terrorist act in any part of the world against any individual or group would rend the hearts of free-spirited people of the world. Hence, calling for serious fight against the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and international cooperation for elimination of terrorism as well as exposure of the role of false claimants of human rights, the Secretariat condemns any attack on civilians in any part of the world and announces that on the basis of the teachings of all the divine religions and the redemptive teachings of Islam, in line with vindicating the rights of the oppressed and defending the victims of terror, it will continue its scientific and cultural activities with the assistance of the elites, scholars and NGOs as well as the human rights activists.

The Permanent Secretariat of Global Coalition against Terrorism
Islamic World Peace Forum
August 30 “The Day of Fight against Terrorism”


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