Statement of the Islamic World Peace Forum on the Occasion of International Day of Peace

Peace, security, justice and respecting human dignity in the society and in the world are higher objectives for realization of which many efforts have been thus far made in the course of history. Various schools of thought and intellectual institutions have put forward solutions for realization of these goals. In this connection, the United Nations which functions as an international body in line with restoring peace, security and creating equal rights for nations, has designated Sept. 21 as the International Day of Peace.
Despite all efforts made thus far, it is a pity to observe today disparaging of peace and the expansion of war and bloodshed, downgrading human dignity in the community and among the human beings. Today, children, women and many civilians have been entangled in war and the growing influx of refugees leaving their homeland for better life in other regions is a solid evidence for the lack of peace. As an NGO, the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) has tried for years to introduce the discourse of “Just Peace” as an Iranian-Islamic discourse through expansion of elite-level contacts and establishing relations with the international network of elites to promote peace.
Thanks to the Grace of God and the initiatives made thus far, this network of elites in Iran and the world has managed to organize tens of international summits to publicize “Just Peace” among a good part of world elite community as an Islamic-Shia discourse, so that serious discussions have been made on this in scientific circles of the world.
This year, the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21, is observed at a time war and violence in the Middle East are on the rise and their consequences have affected not only the region itself, but also the other regions of the world. Terrorist groups committing crimes in the region upon the supports they receive from some regional and trans-regional powers and terrorist operations in some European and African states by these groups are all indications of the spread of violence and insecurity in the world. On the other hand, the large number of refugees and migrants who leave their homeland in despair for an unknown future in other countries is constantly on the rise. Terrorism is undoubtedly one of the greatest threats to peace and security in the world, which is either created or supported by big powers in line with their regional interests, or is borne out of social harms, challenges and cultural poverty but exploited by the big powers.  It is clear that to fight this big world threat, effective strategies should be presented and workable plans should be made in the cultural, social economic, defense and security areas.
The Islamic World Peace Forum is of the opinion that, the International Day of Peace has been designated to make a world free of war and violence achievable upon the cooperation and collaboration of the governments, institutions and all walks of life across the globe. Since the principle theme of this year’s International Day of Peace is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”, the program aims at collecting international cooperation from all sectors from development to security, to restore social equity as well as just and sustainable peace for the world communities.
While paying due tribute to all peace theorists and activists in the world, the  Islamic World Peace Forum is of the opinion that any theory and school of thought has embarked on clarifying violence and insecurity according to its own fundamentals and has explained ways for realization of peace. Therefore, some individuals, powers and institutions active in international level have studied and clarified peace from their own exclusive point of view.
The Islamic World Peace Forum, founded in 2007, by a group of elites from Iran and some world countries, has concentrated all its activities and programs on promoting the culture of peace and friendship in all world countries and among all human beings irrespective of race, color, language, religion, nationality and power. At this junction, the Islamic World Peace Forum once again invites all statesmen, politicians, international state-run organizations and NGOs as well as human rights activists across the globe to spare no efforts in uprooting violence and insecurity that wreak havoc in the world and in the sensitive Middle East region in particular.
The Islamic World Peace Forum is of the opinion that the world in future will witness the end of the hegemonic system and the dominance of justice. Therefore, we believe time is ripe for world communities to unite against war and violence and their adverse consequences, and to orchestrate the hymn of peace. We hope just peace, sustainable security and respecting human dignity – all among indisputable instances of human rights, as recommended by Divine religions – will be institutionalized across the globe by world unity and amity and by reliance upon the capabilities of all countries and human rights bodies.
September 21, 2016

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