Statement by Islamic World Peace Forum on the Occasion of “the Day of Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity”

Human rights and human dignity, based on Divine criteria, are among the issues that are sought by all free-spirited and pure human beings to sublimate human society. However, due to biased interpretations and incomprehensive approach to all human beings these issues sometimes suffer from some shortcomings, including lack of comprehensive Islamic approach to rights of human beings while sometimes human rights is used by colonial powers to achieve inhuman goals August 4 has been designate as the Day of Islamic Human Rights and Dignity in Iranian calendar. The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF), as a Non-Governmental Organization, commemorating this Day and reiterating the civilizational and historical role of the Muslim Ummah and in order to play its part in humane efforts related to human rights and human dignity, aiming at supporting all human beings against exploitation, oppression and suppression and laying emphasis on legitimate freedoms and human natural rights, issued the following statement:

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) considers “Human Rights and Human Dignity”, based on Islamic criteria, among crucial issues in law, philosophy, ethics and mysticism; for this is the foundation of many human rights, privileges and duties. Sustainable progress and development in any society and in the international society is subject to observation of human rights and dignity. In case of heedlessness to this principle and lack of practical commitment to its effects, values such as justice, freedom and just peace in domestic and international relations will lose their meaning and thus we will be witnessing a world full of oppression, injustice, unkindness, violence, war, aggression, terror and discrimination.

The Islamic World Peace Form maintains that: ethical values and protection of human dignity have a deep root in religious culture and tradition; clearly the efforts of prophets and religious leaders were aimed at protection of human rights and human dignity and in viewpoint of divine religions too these rights stem from the Divine Will. Islam considers human rights and human dignity go hand in hand, for in Islamic thought, man is vicegerent of God on the earth and deserves honor.

The IWPF reiterates that God has dignified children of Adam as human beings. This has been clearly mentioned in the Quran: “Verily we have honored the Children of Adam” (17: 70).
Also on the basis of religious teachings in Islam, the main criterion and factor for human dignity is “virtue and faith”. God, the Almighty, says: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted” (49:13).
Reflection on this verse would reveal that race, language and gender are not a criterion for superiority and dignity. The verse underlines that all human beings enjoy dignity; but the most dignified of them in front of God are the most virtuous among them.
The IWPF maintains that Islamic governments have serious concerns about the processes of international attempts to develop global norms for human rights and monitoring them. The IWPF maintains that injustice has been done to some Muslims and their religious belief in these processes. The West has always tried through neglecting the cultures of other countries, including the Muslim states, to impose its liberal and secular values on the world under the veneer of human rights. Hence, the Day of Human Rights and Human Dignity is the symbol of resistance of Islamic countries against excessive demands and cultural-political hegemony of the West.

Reminding the prevailing conditions on international and regional arenas as well as the necessity to consolidate cooperation and coordination among Muslim countries and in order to protect and defend the real image of Islam, the Islamic World Peace Forum considers the Day of Human Rights and Human dignity as an appropriate occasion for the Muslim governments and thinkers to realize the practical and theoretical needs of contemporary world and rights of the future generations of the human society; present their viewpoints for preservation of human mightily and offer appropriate solutions for improvement of the conditions of international community.

Condemning the violation of the rights of the Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Afghanistan and other parts of the world, this Forum emphasizes the necessity of heeding Islamic teachings in developing the criteria of human rights and human dignity and drawing the attention of Islamic organizations defending the human rights, calls on them to reduce differences and calls on Muslims to strengthen unity among themselves.

August 4, 2016

Islamic World Peace Forum

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