Statement of the Islamic World Peace Forum on Condemnation of Nice Terrorist Attack

The July 14 terrorist attack in the City of Nice in France, once again demonstrated that terrorism is not confined to a specific point or country, rather it has become a worldwide threat, necessitating the decision-making and decision-taking of all countries and international organizations to confront this nasty phenomenon.
The Permanent Secretariat of the International Alliance against Terrorism based in the International World Peace Forum (IWPF), maintains that such events rends the heart of all free-spirited and freedom-lovers of the world and condemning this horrifying crime, the IWPF condemns any encroachment upon civilians in any part of the world.
The terrorist attack whose responsibility was accepted by the Daesh, shows that extremism of retrogressive Wahhabism tries to depict a violent and abominated picture of self-style Islam to other nations and governments. They have targeted the heart of pacific and justice-seeking genuine Islam. The Secretariat maintains that the shameful and illogical acts of this groups are not compatible with any divine law and the world elites and freedom lovers must always condemn such acts.
The Secretariat of the International Alliance Against Terrorism, which is active in the field of establishment of just peace and protection of human dignity, drawing the attention of international forums to this heinous phenomenon, would raise the following question: Isn’t  it  high time for human rights organizations and the NGOs across the world to seriously ask the United Nations and governments to take a firm decision to seriously fight terrorism and move from symbolic mode to real and effective action?
The Secretariat lays emphasis on the following issues:
• The secretariat condemns any terror and terrorist act regardless of the place of its commitment and maintains that terrorism is a horrible crime which may be committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Belgium, France  or any other place. If necessary and serious action is not taken to confront this heinous act, its harmful effects will always affect all countries and regions.
• The Secretariat of International Alliance Against Terrorism asks the international forums and some states supporting and managing terrorist groups in some parts of the world to take a serious decision to fight the roots of terror and terrorist groups.
• The Secretariat maintains that the international community must get united against terrorism and block and cut off all organizational, financial, military and technical supports extended to terrorism.
• All countries must reach a unified and comprehensive definition of terrorism and set aside the idea of “good or bad terrorism” and give up any compromise with anti-human groups.
• The Secretariat reiterates that all religions speak of mercy, love of God and people, peace, and protection of human dignity and all prophets always tried to promote just peace in the human society. Hence, the acts of the groups committed against humanity in the name of religion, including those of the terrorist Daesh group, are condemned by religion and reason.

Permanent Secretariat of the International Alliance Against Terrorism
Based in the Islamic World Peace Forum
July 2016

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