IWPF’s Statement on the International Day of Quds and Call for Participation in Its Rallies

The essence of human rights is protection of justice and human dignity. Hence, the duty of all free-spirited human beings and international organizations and institutions is always to preserve human rights and human dignity. This significant issue has been emphasized in the International Declaration of Human Rights as well.
However, today, the land of Palestine has turned into a symbol of violation of human rights in the world. It is now more than 55 years that the Palestinian nation is the victim of aggressions and bullying of great powers and that of the global Zionism, while the people of Palestine, who, according to international law are entitled to the right of legitimate defense against aggressors, have been deprived of this legitimate right.  Since human pure nature and the freedom-fighters of the world do not tolerate oppression in any part of the world, the Founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini, designated the last Friday of the holy Month of Ramadan as the International Day of Quds to confront the diabolic measures of the Zionist regime and its supporters in rendering the oppressed people of Palestine homeless and in massacring them. This day was also announced to give awareness to the wakeful peoples across the world.
The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF), considers the International Day of Quds as a symbol of freedom, fight against oppression, unity and empathy among the Islamic Ummah and unity the freedom-fighters of the world, who have hoisted the flag of just peace through their united struggles against oppression and injustices in the world. Today, the International Day of Quds, in line with supporting the inalienable rights of the oppressed people of Palestine, has gone global to the extent that it cannot be ignored.
The Islamic World Peace Forum maintains that under the present circumstances, the world of Islam has been besieged by dangerous plots of the International Zionism and its Western supporters. Hence, on the one hand, one would witness the continuation, expansion and  continuation of savage aggressions of the occupying Zionist regime, particularly the continuation of the settlement buildings and Judiazation of the holy land of Palestine and the Holy Quds in the light of the silence and even support of the supporters of the Zionist regime, at the top of them the government of the United States of America, and on the other hand, the World of Islam is witnessing proxy wars and massacres waged by terrorist-takfiri (DAESH) and Wahhabi groups against the defenseless people of Iraq, Syria, and massacre of defenseless people of Yemen and unjust treatment of the people of Bahrain.
The IWPF considers the International Day of Quds not only as a passive and symbolic move rather as a wakeful, insightful and strategic plan and program for the awakening and mobilization of all free-spirited peoples of the world, particularly the Islamic Ummah against the International Zionism. Hence, the IWPF, while expressing its gratitude to the great Islamic Ummah and all Muslims for their participation in the ceremonies marking the International Day of Quds, calls on all Muslims to increase their awareness and insight towards the Zionist and American plots aimed at disuniting them and creating division in the ranks of the Resistance Front in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen… The IWPF calls on all Muslims to consider this year’s International Day of Quds, like the previous years, as a symbol of freedom-seeking and vindication of the rights of the Muslim people of Palestine against bullying and aggressions of the Zionist regime. The IWPF also calls on all Non-Governmental Organizations and people from different walks of life to participate in the ceremonies marking the International Day of Quds.

Islamic World Peace Forum

June 2016

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