(IWPF) On the Occasion of June 27 (Tir 7) and Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ali (PBUH)

The victory of Islamic Revolution and establishment of the Islamic system in Iran, achieved through long struggles of the Iranian nation under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, with the aim of protection of sublime Islamic values and sublimation of human dignity and honor, created a new era with distinct characteristics in the world. The Islamic Revolution with its lofty ideals such as supporting the oppressed people, global peace and justice, struggle against oppression in different parts of the world, etc., opened a new chapter in man’s history.  This was not welcomed by the foreign colonialists and bullying powers and their domestic affiliates and as a result the Revolution faced problems and challenges from the very first days of its culmination.
War, sanctions, assassinations and murder of the high-ranking officials of the system were among colonial measures imposed on Iran which in many cases were carried out by some domestic elements who were deceived by colonialists.
June 27, 1981 marks a terrorist tragic act carried out by the West, led by the United States, which caused the martyrdom of Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti and 72 committed, faithful, devoted revolutionary figures who were from amongst effective elites, personalities and human resources of the country and faithful assistants of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, who fell martyr when a bomb exploded at the office of the Islamic Republic Party in Tehran. This tragedy was one of the eye-opening atrocities carried out through alliance of domestic hypocrites and foreign treachery against the Islamic system, the Revolution and the Iranian nation. The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) maintains that the lofty thought of Ayatollah Beheshti and his companions that were based on sublime doctrines of true Islam were in line with full-fledge realization of Islamic justice and preservation of human dignity.
Contrary to the West’s dream, led by the United States and hypocrites, the IWPF maintains the said tragic event not only did not cause the decline and fall of the Islamic system, but also functioned as a significant and fateful factor in exposing the plots of the domineering arrogant system and the nasty face of the hypocrites, on the one hand, and strengthening of the unity and solidarity of the Iranian nation and fostering of their will and determination to confront the anti-revolutionary, terrorist groups, on the other hand.
The IWPF, as a non-governmental organization, commemorating the martyrs of June 27, 1981, considers the event as a meaningful tragedy whose memory will be lasting and will always expose the fiasco created by the anti-people hypocrites who claimed to be defendants of human rights and also will show the hollowness of the slogans of dishonest centers affiliated to the hegemonic system, demonstrating that their so-called struggle against terrorism is nothing but a fraud.
The IWPF has always condemned acts of terrorism in any form in any part of the world and has emphasized on fight against ominous phenomenon of terrorism by international organizations and centers defending human rights.
Also the Islamic World Peace Forum, on this occasion that coincides with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (Ramadan 21), the Commander of justice-seekers and supporter of the oppressed, offers its condolences to all Muslims and freedom fighters of the world, and draws the attention of all the elites and thinkers to the speeches of Imam Ali that are anti-oppression and promoter of justice.

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