Declaration of Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) On the Occasion of Fifteenth of Sha’ban Birth Anniversary of Imam Mahdi

The 21st century’s world is the one sick of war, terrorism, oppression, injustice and is far away from spiritual values to the extent that there is rare spot on the world map which is free from damages of violence, war and terror. These manmade damages have created a hunger among numerous human beings for justice and establishment of peace. The Islamic World Peace Forum, a non-governmental organization, felicitating the Muslims and freedom-lovers across the world on the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi, reiterates that in Islam political thought, peace and respectful coexistence are most fundamental principles in international relations and due to this reason, Islamic law encourages the Islamic society to utilize appropriate occasions to consolidate conditions for peace and conclude peace pacts in its foreign relations. In order to promote just and peace among nations and prevent hostile relations and bloody conflicts, Islam not only attaches high legal significance to international treaties and pacts, but also invites non-Muslim groups and nations to conclude peace pacts and encourages Muslim communities to take the first steps towards establishing peace. The Islamic World Peace Forum maintains: now that arrogant powers-induced injustice and evil has penetrated most levels of the contemporary world, in order to get rid of this situation, the international community requires a leader and guide, the hope of whose reappearance projects safety and security as well as peace and justice; and this is the context of establishment of a government by the Reformer who will present global peace to the international community. The reappearance of the Promised Savior and formation of a just global government has been among the common aspirations of all human beings in the course of history. Faith in the end times and awaiting the reappearance of a savior has been accepted in other religions such as Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and even those claiming to be prophet. The faith in the end times and the Savior is part of Islamic faith. Despite differences in the approaches of religions to the Savior, there is a unanimity among religions in their faith in the principle of reappearance of the Savior and establishment of a global just government. The Islamic World Peace Forum, on the basis of its primary and fundamental principles, maintains that Imam Mahdi is the very Promised Savior, who will reappear in an appropriate time according to God’s providence. The most important feature of his global government is establishment of justice in human society. In this regard, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam says: “If there is only one day to the end of the world, God will prolong that day until a man from my progeny will rise to fill the world with justice.” And “His justice will cover all.”
The IWPF maintains that security, justice and their role in social life of all human beings is extraordinarily important, for at the time of injustice and insecurity, the economy, politics and culture do not have the necessary efficiency because insecurity endangers the most sublime values and people’s lives, properties and honor. Today, one can see their examples in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places in the world.
We believe that just peace which is one of the natural aspirations of man will be finally established during the divine government of Imam Mahdi and the ultimate goal of his government will be justice and man’s felicity and happiness.
The main features of Imam Mahdi’s global government are global peace and global security across the world, elimination of corruption, evil, oppression, suppression, crime and tyranny. In fact the ultimate goal of all prophets has been establishment of global peace and security. The pure primordial nature of all human beings throughout history has been waiting for such an auspicious day to come.

Islamic World Peace Forum

Sha’ban 15, 1395 (Iranian calendar year)
May 21, 2016

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