Islam Has The Highest Growth Rate among other Religions

Recent studies by the US researchers shows that unlike Christianity that has lost its followers in many European countries, Islam has a high growth rate in the continent.
According to the research, in 2010, 78.6 percent of the Europeans were Christians and it is anticipated that the percentage will decrease to 78 until 2020.
This is while Islam keeps growing and the percentage of European Muslims is expected to rise above 5.9 percent.
The research clearly shows that Islam is growing so fast in the world compare to Christianity. While some 33.2 percent of the world’s population was Christian in 1970, the statistic shows that the number will decrease to 33 percent. And on the other hand, according to the same statistics Muslims were included 15.6 percent of the world’s population and the number will increase up to 23.9 percent in 2020.

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