American people, fed up with US futile wars: Academic

 A significant number of the American people are tired of US' futile wars in the Middle East since they feel the repercussion and do not find them of any use, a lecturer at University of Tehran said on Monday.
In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) about US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, Fuad Izadi said, 'Given the widespread opposition to the decision both from the congress and the military institutions and also the information about the action, how and when to implement the decision is beyond prediction.'

Noting that there is an element of ambiguity in the issue, the university lecturer added in the past and during 2016 election, President Trump promised to pull troops out of Syria, however it never happened.

Izadi pointed to 'Fear', a book written by Bob Woodward, and said, 'The book, published a few months ago in the United States, refers to a number of private talks between Trump and his aides about his country's withdrawal from Syria.'

The expert on international affairs went on to say according to the book, Trump says during the previous years, the US has spent $7 trillion on wars in the Middle East while it now needs one trillion dollars to solve some domestic problems.

'Another reason,' Izadi said, 'for withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan is the lack of progress and victory in both countries, which is indicative of the ineffectiveness of the US policy in the region.'

In an unexpected move, President Trump announced last week Washington will withdraw about two thousand US troops from Syria.

To justify the decision, the US officials say Daesh terrorist group has been defeated in Syria.

Trump's unilateral decision has met widespread opposition to the extent that US Defense Secretary James Matisse stepped down to show his protest.

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