Islamic World Peace Forum: Americans use sanctions to organize extortion

Davoud Ameri, an Iranian peace activist, and secretary general of the Islamic World Peace Forum has stressed that economic sanctions is a form of terrorism in the world today, and America has used this tool to organize extortion.

Iran/ In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Davoud Ameri, Secretary General of the Islamic World Peace Forum emphasized that economic sanctions is considered a form of terrorism, and that America is using sanctions as a tool to blackmail various countries.

In response to reporter's question about the US disrupting peace and security all around the world, Ameri said: "As you know Americans know very well how to destroy peace, and unfortunately wherever there is unrest and bloodshed, America's footprints can be discerned.

Today, Americans play a key role in training, funding and supporting terrorists, which is a very serious threat to peace and security of the world.

Today, America uses economic sanctions to blackmail various countries. All of these actions create insecurity and instability around  the world. America's racism and discrimination breeds insecurity and instability. The fact of the matter is that America, always pretending to champion peace, is actually the biggest threat to world peace.

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