Ilgar Ibrahimoglu Condemn the Terrible Events in Myanmar

DEVAMM (the Center for Protection of Freedom of Conscience and Religion ) made a statement on crimes that have been continuously taking place  in Myanmar.
The statement of the Head of the Center Haji  Ilgar Ibrahimoglu says, " Terrible events are happening in Myanmar. Children, women and  elderly  people are being killed and tens of thousands of people are being forced to leave their homes. Military groups attack the refugee caravans and have no mercy on anybody.
As DEVAMM we consider  the happening a crime against humanity. Those who commit these killings and attacks  must be considered as those who have committed crime against humanity and must be put before the international tribunal.
DEVAMM also stresses that the reaction of the international community and human rights organizations to the dramatic events is completely inadequate. We call on them to condemn the crimes and  to stop the criminals.
DEVAMM also states that Myanmar crimes are the continuation of the purposeful and planned sabotage that has been directed  against Muslims. This time the intention is to put South -Eastern Asian countries face to face  with the Muslims and to inflame a new war areal.
The  architects of  destruction and chaos  are trying to put into effect their plans of  turning  all the vast territories stretching from the Middle East to the Far East  into the area of confrontation,  and of distracting  Muslim states and alternative  power centers  from development and  progress and causing massacre and alarm in them.
We urge all progressive-minded power of the world  to hinder  the destroying tendencies  and prevent the scenarios of mass killings from coming into being."


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