Necessity of Redefining the Concept of Human Rights

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) takes an exclusive interview whit Haji Ilgar Ibrahimoglu,( the imam of “Juma” mosque in Icheri-sheher, the chairman of DEVAMM Centre for Protection of Conscience and Persuasion Freedom, President of the International Religious Liberty Association) :Necessity of Redefining the Concept of Human Rights.

If we are going to discuss human rights issue, first of all we have to understand what we mean under that definition. Unfortunately, when the most people talk about human rights they consider following:
1)    No any restriction, closed to permissiveness;
2)    The right of the strong one to interpret such phenomenon based on its discretion;
3)    Human rights, based on purely materialistic views on human, as a phenomenon of being.

The analysis of human rights demonstrates that this phenomenon must be considered through human dignity. The Almighty endowed human with individuality, dignity and ordered to protect it. Protection of this dignity, whether it based on individual level or in the matrix of society, lies in the basis of human rights.
And in this case there is no priority for strong one. Everyone is equal.
Certainly, we are not talking about vulgar egalitarianism in the light of perception of left doctrines, when equality is perceived through identity. Of course not, the rights of child, the rights of women, the rights of elders, the rights of military man, the rights of prisoners, the rights of officials and other categories are always different and it is not correct to approach through prism of averaged subjectivism.
For correct perception and right application of this category, it is necessary to find the optimum between the general sphere, the social background and the personification of this concept, i.e. the dignity in society as a whole, and the dignity of each individual are correlating concepts, and the state’s responsibility is to reach an optimum in this issue.
Most important matter, it is necessary to tear away the function of human rights determination from hegemonic power. They use such good concept as an instrument of pressure on dissidents around the world. And the international community, progressive humanity should unite in this issue and reach a consensus in assessing of human rights discourse, and to achieve universal respect to rights of all people, regardless of the geography of residence, property qualifications, racial, national, gender and other attributes.

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