DAESH Scheme Closes to its End Shortly

DAESH scheme closes to its end shortly on account of solidarity and unity of people in Syria and IRAQ," point out Sabbah Zanganeh.

The political commentator, Sabbah Zanganeh in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) beckoned to the achievement gained in recent months against DAESH noting the final failure of the group would be observed shortly. 

"Seemingly the existance and project of ISIL comes to an end on account of its fallouts and failures along with the destructions it has caused to date," highlighted the political analyst.

He went on to add, "Such failure occurred indeed because of solidarity, cohesion and unity of the people in the fight against DAESH in Iraq, Moreover, stronger stances taken by Syrian regime against the terroristic group facilitate as such process."

"DAESH possibly turns to its another version, of course, seeking to bring death and destruction in outer regions such as Africa and North Africa or even China and Europe instead of perpetrating crimes in Syria and Iraq," he mentioned.

The political commentator, elsewhere in his remarks, beckoned to the Philippines-based ultra-violent Abu Sayyaf Takfiri terrorist group stressing the group had not been changed, by its nature, forwarding its willful measures like before but more coherently.

"eems Philippines is also one of the areas the US is after exerting malign influence on its politicians," pointed out Zanganeh noting to do so, the country would strengthen DAESH or similar terroristic group in the country.

Zanganeh beckoned to inroads made by Syrian and Iraqi army and the hows of gaining momentoum by them which in turn lead to liberating cities from DAESH noting, " demands of the colonial countries and their allies in the region is not known yet, given that they may provoke other showdowns and clashes in the region."

The political analyst held the two above-named countries as the focal point of the region noting, " However, Iraq and Syria are the heart of the Middle East and further activities would be advanced to busy them so as the group would be provided by Israel to ensure its security," underlined Sabbah Zanganeh.

"Thereupon, we must be careful about all kinds of possibilities," pointed out Zanganeh noting Muslims in the region and the World of Islam should be always vigilant and aware of the plots hatched by enemies.

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