Right of People to Just Peace

Every year the international community’s celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21. This year is the 30th anniversary of the General Assembly Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace. This time the general theme of the International Day of Peace is “RIGHT OF PEOPLES TO PEACE”.
But it seems to me it would be better to name it “behind the scene of right”. Because the conceptual analysis of such ideas as "right", "people", "peace", reveals a completely different meaning of the word in different contexts. It is carrying out the punitive raids, bombing civilians, bloody coup d'état, etc. under the curtain of provisions of this right. And the world will not be able to reach the real peace in the world without defining what should be stay on the basis of this paradigm.
Despite the fact that this day is celebrated since 1982, today its actuality has not been decreased, but increased significantly. Let’s emphasize that there is an urgent need to clarify the concept – PEACE. Because in present world the concept “PEACE” undergone a significant deformation.
Certainly, the basis for the stable peace must be justice. Indeed, the just peace. This is what humanity needs today as a whole. There isn't enough a just peace in Palestine and in Karabakh.
In present days, the hegemonic power uses the term PEACE in order to pursue their aggressive policy, and uses it mainly to legitimize their interventions. That is what we see when it comes to establish the peace in Palestine and in Karabakh. Talking profusely about the right of peoples on self-determination, or the right of peoples on protection, aggressors inflict reprisals against the civilians by implementing ethnic cleansing and committing crimes against humanity.

That is why, today, it is necessary to input idea about Just Peace. On the basis of this peace must stay new paradigm – the paradigm of respect of human dignity and adherence to Divine values.

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