ISIS, Violator of Human Rights and a Threat to International Peace

In an Exclusive Note for Islamic World Peace Forum Dr. Mrs. May El-Khansa :the recent actions by terrorist groups of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) threaten against peace in the region and the world.
The west and Zionist regime have created and supported the terrorist ISIS to sow discord among Muslims and disintegrate Iraq and all the Middle East. What is currently going on in Iraq is not a fight between the Shiites and Sunnis because the Shiite and Sunni religious authorities have on several occasions condemned ISIS and its crimes. The USA and Zionist regime are plotting to introduce Islam as a radical and takfiri religion to allow Zionist and US continue their crimes against Muslims and especially in Palestine and that’s what is happening now, they are killing Palestinians and nobody move. So, ISIS terrorist group has been formed to divert the world’s attention from the crimes being committed by the Zionists in Palestine.
The Caliphate and the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and  Al- Sham (ISIS) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced on June 29, 2014 the creation of an Islamic State. In a bitter irony, the caliphate project as an instrument of propaganda has been in the list of US intelligence for more than ten years.  In December 2004, under the Bush Administration, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicted that in the year 2020 a New Caliphate extending from the Western Mediterranean to Central Asia and South East Asia would emerge, threatening Western democracy and Western values. We understand from this that the USA are applying their plan by dividing the Middle East as Condoleezza Rice said during the 2006 July war on Lebanon. Thus, all the Arab countries must unite to face this American plan.
Threats and danger from the terrorist group (Takfiri militants) are threatening peace in the entire region and the world. They form the most dangerous threat to the whole Middle East. And it’s known that the United States with some Gulf countries are backing these terrorist organizations, trained, funded and supported, they want to dismember Iraq states.
ISIS has committed numerous violations against women, men and children including murder and kidnappings. They also imposed oppressive rulings which violate the rights of people and degrade their dignity and liberty. They are as will many cases of rape of women by ISIS elements in both Iraq and Syria, they are coercing women to satisfy the sexual desires of ISIS gunmen under the so-called 'sex jihad', and forcing minor girls into marrying them. ISIS also committed horrific crimes against female members, such as murdering them, mutilating their bodies, and hanging some of them. I can consider these crimes as of racial cleansing. ISIS made it compulsory for a woman to not leave her home alone except in emergency cases, and when going out, must wear an oversize gown, and this rule applies to non-Muslim women as well. Furthermore, it banned the sale of modern women's clothes and closed hair salons, considering them forbidden and blasphemous. ISIS elements have no respect or compassion for women, children, the disabled or elderly. They do not know God, they are deviants from the tolerant teachings of Islam, and all their dark acts and thoughts are condemned, denounced and reprehended by everyone. We are concerned the ISIS terrorists will commit more heinous crimes of this nature, especially against women and children.
Finally, I call on the Iraqi and Syrian people to become united against these terrorist attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al- Sham because this anti-Islam movement is a serious threat to the international peace and security and to all regions and tribes.

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