International Measures against the Terrorist Groups

Secretary-General of the Islamic World Peace Forum,Dr Davoud Ameri in a letter sent to the Secretary -General of the United Nations Organizations voiced concern over threats of the terrorist group(ISIS) in the region.
The Letter Text:
In the Name of the Most High
Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization
Your Excellency,
On behalf of the Islamic World Peace Forum, I would like to express my gratitude to Your Excellency for your international measures against the terrorist group, called the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS), whose measures have had dire consequences for regional peace and human rights of the people of Iraq, particularly the civilians. Hence, I would like to express my grave concern about the consequences of their measures, particularly their threat to regional peace.
Since the ISIS takfiri terrorism is a regrettable symbol of new terrorism and violation of international law and just peace, it is necessary to mobilize the potentials of all UN institutions to utilize the capacities of its Charter in order to face this menace. Hence, in accordance with the Chapter VII of the UN Charter, Your Excellency's role in calling upon all organs of the United Nations, including the Security Council, and drawing the attentions to the threat posed by the ISIS takrifi terrorism to international peace and security is of great significance. Among the main measures that the UN Security Council may take, mention may be made of the following: listing of the ISIS as a terrorist group and taking punitive measures required for such a group; making obligation on states the governments to confront and block their channels of communication, assets and properties; encouraging international cooperation in order to  eliminate takfiri terrorism in the line with the implementation of UNGA's Resolution 68/127 dated December 18, 2013; and reviewing and reforming UN anti-terrorism policies.
Emphasizing on the more active role of the United Nations and its responsibility to maintain and restore international peace and security, the Islamic World Peace Forum reminds the world body of violation of human rights and humanitarian law, particularly those of civilians and ordinary citizens of Iraq and foreign residents or travelers residing in the areas occupied by the ISIS, and expects Your Excellency to take all lawful necessary measures to restore just peace to the region and prepare the grounds for systematic cooperation of states on the basis of the objectives and principles of the UN to fight the ISIS takfiri terrorism.
Concerned about the consequences of inhuman behaviors of ISIS in killing the civilians, demolishing and plundering of public and private properties and managing organized crime called jihad marriage in the territories under their occupation, the Islamic World Peace Forum is studying the degree of the threat and violations of just peace as a consequence of the terrorist activities of ISIS and will submit a report to Your Excellency as soon as it is prepared. Attached please find a copy of the Declaration No. 1 of the Forum released on June 16, 2014.
We would delightfully inform the intellectuals and civil society organizations dealing with peace and humanitarian affairs worldwide of the measures taken by Your Excellency's good offices.

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