Expansion of Just Peace Discourse in the Global System

Dr. Davoud Ameri

Islamic World Peace Forum Held a Conference on the Issue of Expansion of Just Peace discourse, attended by National Elites, Thinkers and Cultural-Academic Personalities.
In this conference the secretary general of IWPF, Dr. Davoud Ameri, referred to lack of a just peace discourse in Islamic societies as the primary motivation for establishment of Islamic World Peace Forum, and said: “various studies and researches helped us reach to a significant fact about the concept of peace and different theories and literature in this regard, some of which been developed in west with western criteria. But despite being continuously suffering from unjust attacks, there was no such discourse in Islamic countries.”
He maintained that during the last four years, the forum have held more than 74 international meetings and programs in this regard. Explaining some of the achievements of IWPF’s activities. Among the main activities of the forum that attracted many political elites and personalities throughout the world to the forum and its discourse, Ameri referred to the meetings, conferences and seminars held by the forum, like specialized conferences held in Austria, India, Canada and Turkey to preach and expand just peace discourse.
Then the guest elites and personalities presented their viewpoints and ideas about expansion of just peace and future activities of the forum.
The obstacles for establishment of just peace in the world society

Dr. Abasali Kadkhodaee
Dr. Abasali Kadkhodaee, lawyer and former member of Guardian Council, talked about the influential and fruitful trend of the forum for introducing the idea of a type of peace based on Islamic teachings and attempts for its expansion on international and universal levels, and referred to implementation of just peace as common ideal of all humans. He also said: “despite formation of various international organizations and institutes for accomplishment of peace and tranquility in the world society, and its consideration by both eastern and western religions and thought schools, yet what we observe in every corner of the world is far from real peace.
He pointed to violation of the United Nations’ rules and regulations by some powerful countries as the reason for incapability of the United Nations for accomplishment of peace in the world, and said: “today we see that wherever international institutes gain power to take some steps for improvement of conditions of world society, those countries take a different direction, for example formation of international groups like Group 7 is a product of such actions.
NGO’s role in accomplishment of just peace

Dr. Laleh Eftekhari
Mrs. Eftekhari, a member of IRI parliament, about the issue of peace in this conference said: “we face four groups of people in the world, whose stance and contribution in the field of peace can be studied:
1. A group of warmongers who seek war in the name of peace.
2. A group composed of groups of ordinary people and, perhaps, some elites that despite looking for peace and tranquility do not know the reality of peace and, therefore, instead of real peace follow a mirage of peace.
3. A group of state officials of those countries that refrain from peace because the reality and transparency of peace do not secure their interests.
4. A group of people who indeed seek real peace, or the same just peace.
She mentioned the holy Quran as a grand and precious source, and added: “we can talk with other countries by the language of Quran, and direct the divine religions towards our common point which is the same just peace, and use the capacities of virtual environment of media and internet for communication and expansion of our common concept at most.

Nationalization of international institutes for expansion of just peace

Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Salar

Hojat al-Islam Salar, Deputy of International Affairs of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, stressed on Islamic peace and its clarification for other peoples as essential tasks of the forum. He also referred to employment of precious Ahadith, narrations and messages of the prophets for establishment and expansion of just peace discourse, nationalization of international institutes for peace, supporting conferences and meetings in the field of peace, recognition and attraction of those people active in the field of peace all over the world, and explanation and clarification of the real concept of peace with Islamic teachings, as some actions which in the new year must be considered by IWPF more seriously than before.

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