The Secretariat has the honour to transmit to the Human Rights Council the report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, on his mission to the United States of America from 1 to 15 December 2017. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate, and report to the Human Rights Council on, the extent to which the Government’s policies and programmes aimed at addressing extreme poverty are consistent with its human rights obligations and to offer constructive recommendations to the Government and other stakeholders.

Our world is fraught with horrific expressions of violence and injustice, which are often justified by religious rhetoric. 'Islam, Peace, and Social Justice: A Christian Perspective' is a relevant, comprehensive, and empathetic examination of some of these social-justice challenges within the Muslim world. Sadly, many non-Muslims only learn about Muslim views on social-justice issues from biased and inaccurate media portrayals.

International Human Rights and Islamic Law

This volume is a comprehensive and authoritative comparative analysis which asks whether Muslim States can comply with international human rights law whilst adhering to Islamic law. The traditional arguments on this subject are examined and responded to from both international human rights and Islamic legal perspectives. Through this analysis, it offers a clear vision of the realisation of international human rights within the application of Islamic law...

Collection of Papers Global Alliance against Terrorism

Terrorism is an inhumane act and a catastrophe for human society. Today many of the Goverments claim to combat terrorism, yet what we see in reality throughout the world is that the globe is afflicted with injustice,violence, whereas the Creator of man has declared it a safe cradle and a domicile for the thriving of talents and an evolutionary path leading to him. On the other hand, we observe that all fair people gifted with divine temperament, disagree with violence and terror.

Just Peace Discourse

The world is overflowed with cultural problems and challenges, which are coupled with the inequalities present in the innate structure of international life and the existing anarchy in international culture; in effect, these problems and challenges have become “universal.” peace is the most serious of all these challenges. peace has become a common term among people of the world,who use it on different occasions. Almost everyone in this world considers the word peace by its positive implications and as a presenter of a divine and human value, and as ideal.

A critical approach to United States

Many thanks are due to those who have allowed me to make this book the hallmark of critical studies over virtual colonialism. A number of people provided me with their generous support and fellowship without which no academic work can be published. I express my especial appreciation to Ali Asghar Sabbaghi for his significant contributions to this book. It is a great pleasure to work with a committed, assiduous Persian-English translator like him. I also express my great

Recognizing women’s involvement in commercial crop production and ensuring that they benefit from research, extension, credit, land tenure rights, market access and other elements of production, innovation and participation still requires a significant organizational shift in many agricultural services.


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