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A Saudi Arabian operative who recruited children for the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq has reportedly been killed in the northern city of Mosul.

‘Jan Fermon’, an international Human Right Lawyer based in Brussels said that Saudi aggression on Yemen is breach of the United Nations Charter and that the Saudi leaders committed war crimes in Yemen by indiscriminate bombardment of a sovereign state.

 Director and co-founder of the MONA Relief Organization Dr. Riaz Karim says that the invasion of Yemen by Saudis is a total failure and the Saudi regime will not last very long.

Four Takfiri terrorists were killed in armed clashes with the Law Enforcement Police in Western Iran, a police commander said, adding that an explosive vest and other military equipment were seized during the operations.

Iran invited Saudi Arabia to detente and calm with regard to the developments in the region which have increased Tehran's clout and influence, and warned Riyadh of possible tough reactions against its hostile measures.

Director of the Human Rights for Yemen from London Kolthoom Ba-Alawi said on Sunday that lawyers are planning to bring proceedings against different countries involved in the war against Yemen.

Christian Priest Father Frank Gelli slammed the invasion of Yemen by Saudi regime, and stressed that Christianity is at odds with the arrogant powers.

The rising death toll of children in Saudi-led war on Yemen is generating strong messages of condemnation from international institutions and human rights organisations – with the United Nations remaining helpless as killings keep multiplying.

It’s lunchtime on a Friday and dozens of Muslim men are kneeling in prayer inside an austere unit on the ground floor of the dilapidated Kai Tak Mansion in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Some 50 percent of the buildings which were completely destroyed during Israel’s devastating offensive on the Gaza Strip in 2014 are still awaiting reconstruction, head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege Jamal al-Khudari said in a statement Saturday.


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