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Before March 15, Sazada Akhter had a "very happy life". The 25-year-old had moved to Christchurch from Bangladesh at the end of 2017 to join her husband, Mohammed Mashud, who had been in the country for several years.

Thirty-eight people have been killed and many others wounded in attacks on two ethnic Dogon villages in central Mali, the government said Tuesday, in the latest in a cycle of violence in the volatile Sahel country.

Tim Anderson, Australian academic and activist, says Washington has shown no signs of any currents to play a constructive role in Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as neither Trump nor his predecessors’ administrations minded Israeli land grabbing nor “ethnic cleansing” in the West Bank or Gaza.

Kamel Hawwash, a British Palestinian academic, says the US Administration has failed to understand that Palestinians have sacrificed their lives for over 70 years and left them no choice but to reject the US peace offer, regardless of financial offers Trump may have in his “deal of the century”.

The Takfiri terrorist group Daesh has launched two major car bombings in northern Syria, killing 10 people and injuring 20 more.

US columnist Stephen Lendman described the Trump administration as the most extremist in US history, reiterating that his top military brass stand strongly opposed to any kind of war against Iran.

Police in Myanmar said Friday it is on the lookout for three people who led a mob that threatened Muslim worshippers at three make-shift mosques in Yangon.

At least five civilians, including children, were killed and 14 people, including a district chief, were wounded in a bomb attack in Afghanistan's Herat province on Saturday, officials said.

Additionally, Othman Abdel Jalil, the GNA's education minister and the head of the government's crisis committee, said on Thursday that the conflict had displaced 55,000 people (some 11,000 families). Jalil added that 40 reception centers and 27 schools had opened their doors to render aid to those in need.

The Zionist regime gave the co-founder of Hamas resistance movement a six-month detention order without trial.


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