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Yemeni forces have conducted attacks on an oil field affiliated to Saudi Aramco in the east of the kingdom in retaliation for Riyadh’s war on their country, al-Masirah TV reports.

Thirty Palestinians in Israeli jails have joined a hunger strike in solidarity with six detainees who have themselves been refusing to eat or drink to protest their illegal detention without charge or trial, a report said.

More than half a million Rohingya refugees living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh have been issued identity documents, a UN agency said Friday.

Iran's Minister of Health Saeed Namaki says sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran's health sector amount to crime against humanity.

Yemeni forces have launched drone attacks on King Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern province of Asir in retaliation against the kingdom’s aggression on their country.

At least seven civilians, including two children, lost their lives in a rocket attack by foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants against a residential district in Syria’s west-central province of Hama.

Taliban fighters have killed at least eight people and wounded more than 50 civilians in a car bomb attack in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, according to government officials and the Taliban.

Anti-Iran unilateral sanctions imposed by the US are practically putting people under pressure, which is an obvious violation of human rights, said the secretary general of the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF).

Before March 15, Sazada Akhter had a "very happy life". The 25-year-old had moved to Christchurch from Bangladesh at the end of 2017 to join her husband, Mohammed Mashud, who had been in the country for several years.

Thirty-eight people have been killed and many others wounded in attacks on two ethnic Dogon villages in central Mali, the government said Tuesday, in the latest in a cycle of violence in the volatile Sahel country.


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