The conference on scientific Apartheid, peace, justice and global security was held on Sunday in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

 Iran commemorate Journalists' Day on August 8 in memory of Mahmoud Saremi, Afghanistan bureau chief for the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, who was martyred when Taliban militia seized the northern city of Mazar Sharif and attacked the Iranian consulate.

Elites Allience against Terrorism for a Just Peace

The Conference on Elites Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace held in Tehran on February 9, 2016.
the conference be a continuation of the sessions and national, regional and international forums and meetings on peace and justice held either inside or outside the country. It aims to define terrorism, study its phenomenology and think up new ideas in this regard with an eye on new international and regional approaches and forging alliance against the foul phenomenon.

Seminar on Crimes Indictment against the Zionist Regime

The World Peace Forum is a non-governmental organizationa with a board of trustees, strategic council and secretary general. The objectives of the Forum includes reinforcement and development of peace at international level, combating terrorism, striving for global convergence on peace and fighting against warmongers, making peace on the basis of religious beliefs, striving for convergence of NGOs and elites who think of lasting peace.

Dr. Ameri Seminar on “Legal Measures Against Terrorist Groups in the Region”

Islamic World Peace Forum Held a Seminar on “Legal Measures Against Terrorist Groups in the Region”, attended by Legal Elites, Thinkers and Cultural-Academic Personalities.

The meeting to pool view on International Symposium of  Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Seerah of the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was held here at the Islamic World Peace Forum, attended by related scholars. The meeting aimed to define and adjust goals of the session.

Dr.Haddad Adel in seminar on just peace in global system

Seminar on just peace in global system

The "Seminar on Just Peace in Global System"

The "Seminar on Just Peace in Global System"2


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