An advisor to Turkey’s president has vowed that the country will prosecute all those involved in the suspected kidnapping or murder of a dissident Saudi journalist in Riyadh’s consulate in Istanbul, even if it involves the Saudi consul himself.

 The Miami Valley Islamic Association in the US state of Ohio is reaching out to share its culture with the Springfield community.


 Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the “shameful” anti-Iranian comments by the Israeli regime’s president, lashing out at the Zionist leaders for insulting the Iranian people.

Turkish authorities believe that prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared four days ago after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, was killed inside the consulate, two Turkish sources said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the role of Iran and Germany in their respective regions, saying the two countries have great potential for cooperation in ensuring stability in the world.

The Iranian foreign ministry lauded "good" talks with Europe on Iran's crude sales after the US November sanctions, but meantime, warned that in case the EU moves to guarantee Iran's merits under the nuclear deal fail, then Tehran would make a decision to protect its national interests.

Peace (صلح) in Old Persian means 'Reconciliation', however it is understood as a world-ideal. In recent decades, the philosophy of peace has transformed into a dream, deprived of realization by avarices from world superpowers.

Iran’s representative to United Nations general assembly, Abbas Golroo has rejected Saudi Arabia's baseless accusations against Iran, saying that everyone in the Middle East is well aware that the Saudis have been sponsoring terrorists and extremists for years, destabilizing the region and the wider world.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution calls the annual Hajj pilgrimage as demonstration of the Islamic Ummah power which also boosts contacts among Muslims.

Iran has been doing copious work with Europe to devise a mechanism to guarantee continued bilateral trade despite attempts by the United States to obstruct such cooperation, said the Foreign Ministry spokesman, declaring that US sabotage is "certain" to fail as a result of ongoing Iranian-European diplomatic engagement.


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