A top United Nations official in Yemen said reported airstrikes in which at least 12 civilians were killed, including children, were an example of the "disregard" for civilians' safety shown by all the combatants in Yemen.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed Israel as the “main threat” to the Muslim world, warning that the regime is trying to Judaize the occupied Palestinian lands.

Muslim community leaders gathered in Astoria, Queens, New York City, to address legal and social issues facing American Muslims in Trump era, discussing travel ban, immigrant rights and mosque operations.

The 6-year-old Palestinian child Mohamed Ahmed Sayes died on Saturday after being denied treatment abroad, Health Ministry revealed.

A number of lawmakers in Jordan called for expelling the Israeli ambassador from the Arab country.

The United Nations warned that the catastrophic situation in Yemen is turning into a combination of the world’s worst humanitarian crises amid almost daily Saudi bombardment of the impoverished Arab nation.

At least 700,000 civilians have been displaced by the Mosul conflict.

Yemen is grappling with the world's worst cholera outbreak amid the world's largest humanitarian crisis and crippling health, water and sanitation facilities in the Arab country, the United Nations warned.

Charity organizations called on the UN to blacklist the Saudi-led coalition over serious violations of children’s rights in Yemen as statistics reveal massive child fatalities caused by the ongoing war against the impoverished nation.

 The Saudi-led coalition, whose invasion of Yemen has led to a human tragedy in the Arabian Peninsula country, blocked a UN flight carrying aid agency staff and journalists from traveling to crisis-hit Yemen, local media reports said.


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