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I’m truly honored to be able to present my speech on peace and justice. It’s unfortunate that we’re unable to meet due to the Corona virus. I pray for all those who are affected in one way or another that God guides us to overcome this huge challenge that we are facing.
My profession is a dispensing optician. At the moment, I’m living in kenya but I do social work. I’ve been all or bit sisters network, now all or bit relief committee which has been an NGO for the past 22 years. We uplift the living standards of people from the ground, through education and knowledge of the children of all or bit and Quran which go hand in hand together.
Peace and justice is the topic for this conference. I would like to start by saying that when I started to research on peace and justice, it’s a common thing, it’s a thing that people expect it to be there. It’s not something that you look for. I think peace and justice is a god given right to us. But when you research, you wonder why there is so much atrocities and oppression and inequality and discrimination going on in the world and you come to a common conclusion that we’re all facing today. It’s that we’ve all discarded the fact that the creation belongs to almighty god. He’s the one who created this universe and we’re just servants of him.
He brought us to this life and we’re the protectors and ambassadors of him. We’re supposed to treat people with humanity and justice. Whether you come from a different background and a different ethnic minority or a different color, it doesn’t matter we’re all supposed to be treated with justice and humanity.
So He in His infinite mercy created the infallibles before He even created Adam and Eve. He gave us all that we needed for all our comfort to live in peace and harmony. So why is there so much oppression and injustice happening still today? If you look in the past, we come to one common thing which is greedy leaders who value power and wealth rather than the divine power or divine spirituality which the laws of Islam are based in the Holy Quran and we don’t follow it. It’s a very common thing in most countries where greed has taken over the citizens’ needs.
People who are ignorant and keep silence to oppression and leaders who are performing injustice in the country or the world is very dangerous. As a society, we cannot keep quiet because one cannot get away with the injustices that are taking place until now and it’s happening to us for many many years. It’s only today that due to the internet, we’re able to raise our voices in a polite but strong way. In the past, there was no such thing as freedom of speech. The freedom of speech was like for certain people and other people, if they raised their voices it was like we are terrorists but other people who raise their voice are giving their opinions.
So I became a refugee at the age of 5 years old. We had 3 farms in Uganda and 3 shops. One day we all were thrown out of the country, we were wiped away. It was either that or we were going to be shot If we stayed one more day, because everyone had to leave the country. Most Asians in 1972 had to leave Uganda because the president thorught we were taking over the economy and so they wanted Asians out. So my family were put on another plane. As a child that is only 5 years old, you don’t know what is happening. You just know something is wrong and we have to leave the country. We didn’t know why at the time. But when you look at history now up to today, it’s happened to so many countries. Civilians have become refugees. People who are normal human beings with a steady income are put straight into poverty and then they are put in a place which is a new civilization and a new culture which we found it very hard to adapt.
Injustice can be formed in many ways. It can be through taking over countries, abusing people. Women, children. But I feel that today, it’s something has happened and more people are benefiting from a UN treaty that they have formed and other countries are definitely benefiting from it at all. We don’t photos of the injustices that were caused to us in those times.
I think whatever happened, happened because when we were settled again in UK, we were really just back again. We were able to study and form small schools in our homes and learn about holy Quran. At that time, it was unfortunately only learning by Arabic and not English, so we didn’t know what we were reciting, we were reciting just for the sake of it. I think the good part was that now with all this education and all the translations that are happening and obviously Iran is in the forefront of those translations and we are so grateful for that, we are able to study the holy quran and understand the sirah.
That’s when it’s like a light bulb hits you and you say my gosh the quran has got everything we need for our daily life and if everyone just adhered to 40% of what quran says, we would not be having half the problems. Obviously, each country is different and everyone has their own issues. No country is perfect in the world, whether it’s an Islamic or a non-Islamic country. But, I feel that justice and peace are a god given right to everyone. Since 17th century countries like US has had over 200 riots related to race, tensions and inhuman treatment of colored people. The mistreats continue today as we all saw the video of George Floyd how the police officer was on his neck and he was screaming I can’t breathe but the police continued to kneel on his neck until he died. Then the video went viral and everyone saw it, but that’s one person. There are thousands and thousands people who’ve died in the hands of the police in the wrong way.
People who have been put in prison, not guilty but just because they were colored without a trial or a proper trial with lawyers who were able to release them. There are so many cases like this. So injustice is going on too much, especially now and the justice system already decides your fate just because of your color, religion, as we’re Muslims. We’ve already decided that most people who have a hijab are oppressed, people in beards are terrorists. So the media plays a huge role in causing injustice or creating peace in the world.
The Islamic faith rejects all forms of discrimination, not only in race, but economic and social. The only distinction is between the vice and the virtuous among human beings.
Dr. Nazanin Karim(Researcher and cultural and social issues)

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