Iran Calls for UN's Concrete, Immediate Measures to Save Yemeni Civilians

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi called on the United Nations to take the needed measures to protect the lives of Yemeni civilians against the Saudi-led coalition aggression.
"The United Nations should intervene to rescue the Yemeni civilians, and it should take steps to restore security in the country," Mousavi said.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman strongly condemned the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition on a ceremony in Yemen's al-Jawf province where over 25 innocent women and children were killed and wounded.

Mousavi, meantime, sympathized with the survivors of the victims of the airstrike, and said, "Unfortunately, the war crimes of the Saudi-led coalition go on with the complete silence of the international community."

The senior diplomat called on the international and human rights bodies to help prevent the continuation of the crimes by the Saudi regime against Yemen.

Mousavi said the countries that give arms support to the aggressors and help them massacre Yemeni women and children must be put on trial before the international community and the oppressed people of Yemen.

He said such crimes are committed every day while the UN, under the US pressure and via Saudi Arabia's petrodollars, has removed the Saudi-led coalition from a list of violators of children's rights.

At least two children were among the victims of Saudi airstrikes on Wednesday which killed 25 people, the UN humanitarian coordination office in Yemen said.

The attack came three days after a similar aerial assault in the northwestern Hajjah province that killed at least seven children and two women.

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