US Threatens UAE with Sanctions over Plans to Normalize Ties with Syria

The US has threatened the United Arab Emirates with sanctions imposed under the Caesar Act as the Persian Gulf state continues to normalize ties with Syria.
During a press conference on the implementation of the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act“, the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Franklin Jeffrey announced, “The UAE knows that we absolutely refuse that countries take such steps… We have clearly stressed that we consider this a bad idea,” on the reopening of the UAE embassy in Damascus, and the recent visit of an Emirati delegation to Syria, The Middle East Monitor reported.

Jeffrey considered that such measures “will not contribute to the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution (No. 2254) and the ending of the conflict that deeply worries the whole region.”

“Anyone who engages in economic activities, whether in the UAE or in other countries, and these activities conform to the standards of the law of sanctions, may be targeted by these sanctions,” added Jeffrey.

On Wednesday, the US imposed sanctions on 39 people and entities, including Al-Assad and his wife Asma, to deprive his government of funding sources in an attempt to push it to return to the UN-led negotiations.

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