Thousands March in Nantes in Memory of Police Raid Victim

Several people have turned out for a silent march in Nantes, western France, in memory of Steve Caniço, a 24-year old who died a during a police raid in June 2019.
Demonstrators were seen marching and holding placards in the memory of Canico.

Canico, 24, was one of 14 people who fell in the river during a concert on the night of the Fete de la Musique, where the Anti-Crime Brigade known as the BAC conducted a raid. His body was found 38 days later.

His death and the subsequent finding by an internal police inquiry, which "could not establish a link between the police intervention and the disappearance of Mr Steve Maia Canico," as French PM Edouard Philippe said in July 2019, caused an outcry in France.

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