World should know true nature of fake American human rights: Adviser of Iran's Leader

Top aid to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that US interests define its so-called adherence to human rights and we should try to reveal the true nature of fake American human rights advocacy.
The international conference of Americans human rights from the viewpoint of Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei kicked off with the message of Ayatollah Nuri Hamedani on July 2th -2019 in Tehran.

According to Iran Press, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri said in the conference that we hope this conference could introduce the reality of Americans human rights to the world.

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The top Adviser of the Leader of Islamic Revolution said in the opening ceremony of the conference that the US is formed through the violation of human rights with killing thousands of native American Indians, which is the symbol of criminal acts and violation of human.

He added that the United States, based on its interests, adhere to the human rights; then decides to stay in international agreements or withdraw from them, as they did it in various agreements.

“This conference is momentum to introduce inhumane crime of the US against the people of the world; it is crystal clear for every nation that the US is an incarnate evil and center for all anti-human activities” he said, mentioning that “60 democratically elected governments toppled around the world and American puppets replaced them to secure US interests.”

Mentioning different American administration’s support for dictators and totalitarian regimes in the past and in the present time and, popular uprising against the US backed regimes in the region, Ayatollah Taskhiri went on saying that “One of the darkest dimensions of the US history was total and unconditional support for crimes of the child-killer regime of Israel against suppressed Palestinian people; they not only ignore its crimes but also accept and justify them.”

“Regretfully, the world forgets US crimes and our hope is to decry its fake advocacy of human right by revealing its true nature and this duty will be a great service for global community if it is accomplished properly,” he said, pointing out to US efforts to cover up Jamal Khashoggi  murder by its close ally, Saudi regime in Turkey which sparked massive international protests around the world.

He also pointed out to massive US weapon selling to Saudi led coalition in their incursion to Yemen which led to the death and injury of tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians; the situation which is described as the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history.

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