Conference on American Human Rights Week Held in Tehran

Iranian officials, experts, and academics attended an American human right, terrorism and sanctions Congress held in Tehran on Wednesday 3rd July.

Davoud Ameri head of Islamic peace assembly in his speech to the Conference said America lies about human rights, Iran Press reported.

Ameri added: "We believe in human dignity, we believe in genuine human rights, and act based on human rights, but the United States does not respect human rights and regularly violates human rights principles."

"American human right has its own features and characteristics. Interestingly America claims to support human rights whenever it is politically convenient, but when US benefits and interests require the country to act otherwise, it has no qualms about violating human rights. When US interests are in danger, the US tramples over human rights," the head of Islamic peace assembly noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks Davoud Ameri said: "America is used to pointing an accusing finger at others specially in the East, it wants to change world culture based on its own aggressive policies.  American human right looks beautiful on the outside, but it is dirty and ugly on the inside."

"Based on the latest statistics, America is the biggest human rights violator in the world. The most discrimination and racism occurs in the US. America is active in terrorism, helping terrorists whenever and wherever it deems fit, but at the same time the US pretends it is fighting terrorism," he concluded.

Iran is currently observing 'American Human Rights Week', in an effort to shame the United States' human rights violations. 

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