Zionist Regime of Israel Bombards Gaza

     The Zionist regime of Israel once again bombarded areas in Gaza Strip, Palestinian News Agency ‘Ma'an’ reported.

According to Ma'an, witnesses said that Israeli warplanes targeted Resistance positions in Gaza.

A number of F-16 jet fighters are reported to have fired two rockets to Al-Hashashin base in west of Rafah.

They also attacked Yarmouk and Ain Jalut Camps with 3 rockets.

Some 121 Palestinians have so far been killed and over 13,300 others injured in March of Return protests Since March 30 in Gaza.

Some media reported firing of two rockets from Gaza Strip and sounding of alarm siren in the occupied lands.

The Zionist regime army claimed that one of the two rockets was intercepted by its air defense system known as iron dome and the other landed inside the Gaza Strip.

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