NGOs: Saudi Arabia must be Held Accountable for Yemen Crimes

The Mwatana Organization for Human Rights and Columbia Law School's Human Rights Clinic submitted a new report to the United Nations that is highly critical of Saudi Arabia's human rights record.
"No one has been spared in the war in Yemen-for more than three years, Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have killed and injured thousands of civilians, destroying homes, schools, hospitals, and even hitting weddings and funerals," Radhya Almutawakel, Chairperson of Mwatana Organization for Human Rights said, Middle East Monitor reported.

"When governments review Saudi Arabia's human rights record at the UN later this year, they must examine Saudi conduct not only in Saudi Arabia but also in Yemen, and offer recommendations to promote human rights and a peaceful solution to the conflict," Almutawakel added.

The report also describes Saudi Arabia's continued restriction of vital food imports and humanitarian aid to Yemen which has lead to what the United Nations has described as the "worst humanitarian crisis in the world".

Yemen is currently facing the largest recorded cholera epidemic, and more than eight million Yemenis are at acute risk of famine.

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