HRW Director Denounces Ivanka Trump's Smile Amidst Gaza killings

Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, has slammed killing of Palestinians on the anniversary of Nakba Day in Gaza border.

Ivanka Trump is still all smiles at new US embassy in Jerusalem even though Israeli snipers killed 52 Palestinians at Gaza border protests, Roth stated in a post published on his official Twitter page.

HRW executive director wrote in a separate post that "at least one official doesn't just condemn Israeli snipers' killing of Palestinians at Gaza border protest but also calls for justice."

"How exactly do Israeli snipers, dug in their trenches behind two fences, face an imminent lethal threat requiring them to kill 55 Palestinians at Gaza border protest? ", asked Kenneth Roth in a yet separate entry on his Twitter page responding that "they don't, but senior Israeli officials ordered the snipers to open fire anyway."

In his most recent comment, the official stressed that "by blaming solely Hamas for the Gaza border killings, Trump gives the Israeli snipers a green light to keep killing."

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