Palestinians Call for Formation of National Army in Defense of Quds


Palestinian personalities have taken part in a national conference on “Quds, eternal capital of Palestine,” calling for a strategy of resistance against the US policy on the occupied al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’).

The participants highlighted several undertakings for the nation including national unity and a united strategy against Israel.

They also urged the PLO politicians to declare the option of negotiation with Israel as a failure and withdraw from recognizing Israel and security coordination.The participants also called for the establishment of a national army for preserving the occupied city.

In the meantime, senior member of Islamic Jihad Sheikh Nafez Ezzam urged the Palestinian Authority to realize that the US would not do anything in its favor.

Ezzam also said the Palestinian nation faces the symbols of bully and terrorism nowadays, adding the US government has motivated the entire Muslim community in defense of Quds by its recognition move.

The Palestinian personality also called Quds as part of the Palestinian identity, culture and civilization, adding the US weapons could never scare off the followers of truth.

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