Rohingya Muslims Still Fleeing to Bangladesh as Crisis Continues

A number of Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh said on Friday that thousands of Rohingya Muslims who were waiting to cross the border were attacked by Myanmar forces and that their fate is still unknown.

TOLOnews reporter Samim Faramarz, who visited the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, said that thousands of Rohingya people were attacked by Myanmar army during the last week, adding that the migrants in Bangladesh are subjected to poor living conditions.

Medina, a Rohingya refugee and mother of four children, said she left her country when the army of that country attacked their village.

“We thought that the Myanmar military has stopped killing civilians; we were wrong. They are still killing the people,” Medina said. “More than 18,000 people were waiting for boats on the other side of the sea when the Myanmar army came and opened fire on them.”

Doctors at the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh said at least 250 new migrants arrive at the area every day.

He said they cannot help patients with serious health problems due to lack of equipment.

The doctors also said the security forces in Bangladesh are helping them in treatment of Myanmar migrants.

“Many people including elders and children are faced with malnutrition and insomnia,” said Farhad, a Bangladeshi soldier.

TOLOnews said the Rohingya Muslims have sold out dozens of cattle to local businessmen in Shapoordeep village in the bordering areas between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

“We sell these cattle in other nearby villages. We send them to different parts of Bangladesh,” said Mohammad Sharif, a Rohingya Muslim who has migrated to Bangladesh along with his family.

Local businessmen said they have bought at least 70,000 cattle from Rohingya Muslims.


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