Iran willing to help Resolution of Yemen War

Iranian vice president said that Iran is willing to help Saudi Arabia to resolve Yemen war.

“After King Abdullah passed away and the new king took on his role, the relationship deteriorated swiftly. Mostly, it is because of the preposterous illusion that Iran has surrounded them.

Under this illusion, they want to conquer Yemen to create an opening, but they just dug themselves into a deeper hole and don't know how to get out again,” Ali Akbar Salehi who also Heads the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said in an exclusive interview with German Der Spiegel magazine, IRNA reported

He noted, “As our officials have stated, we are ready and willing to help. But Saudi Arabia needs to come to understand the realities on the ground, and I think they will eventually change course and even come to the realization that Iran can be a good, trusted friend. When I took on my responsibility as foreign minister seven years ago, Saudi Arabia and Turkey had been my first priority. Together with Iran, these three countries can bring security and stability to the region. I personally would very much like to see our relationship with Saudi Arabia be back to what it was before and even better.

“I lived in Saudi Arabia for four years, I know many of their officials. We always had our different views, but also enjoyed a relatively good relationship in different domains, such as economics, trade and tourism — visitors from Iran going to Saudi Arabia and vice versa. The Iranians do not have any designs on the land or the wealth of others. We have our own ample gas and oil, and vast land,” he stressed.

Salehi elaborated the benefits of cooperation between Tehran and Riyadh and said, “Look at it rationally; If we have a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, we benefit on many levels, economically and in trade, because our lifeline is the Persian Gulf. How can we secure the situation in the Persian Gulf? This is possible only if these countries come together in mutual agreement.”

Commenting on the rift among Persian Gulf littoral states and the US policy on the issue, Salehi said, “From what I have gathered, the US is in a state of confusion. Even the European allies of the US do not know which strategy President Trump is pursuing. This confusion is not directed against us alone, but it has negatively impacted the US administration's governance and its allies in the region; for instance Qatar.”

“Suddenly you wake up and you find out that Qatar has been cut off from the military alliance of the Persian Gulf States, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. I really can't say that Qatar was a friend. In the case of Syria and in other regional conflicts, it has always been on the other side. But now we are providing them with access to airspace, access to the sea and roads. True political practice requires wisdom and a rational approach. That is why we are making these concessions to Qatar,” the Iranian official concluded.


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