Elites Should Raise Awareness among Palestinians about their Rights

Secretary General of the Society in Defense of the Palestinian Natin (SDPN), Dr. Zajra Mostafavi met with four Greek university professors at her office in Tehran on Monday.

The professors were IT professor and siege-busting Marmara flotilla activist, Panagiotis Politis, member of the ruling Greece party, Spathias Gerasimos, professor of contemporary history, Antonis Liakos and professor in educational science, Merysini Zrompa.Early in the meeting, Mostafavi said women have had an effective and fruitful presence in the Islamic Republic, adding there are many woman university professors in the country while women have also occupied top posts in the establishment.

Answering a question posed by one of the guests, Mostafavi said supporting the Palestinian children was one of the major aims of the Society, adding human support to Palestine was among the high goals the Society.Panagiotis Politis asked how Palestine could be supported at present conditions. Dr. Mostafavi answered that Palestinians could be offered financial and medical aid however more important is to promote the Palestinian issue through pen work and lectures.

“They must be acquainted with their rights; we must assure them about our support; we must help them to continue the path of uprising and resistance until they materialize their success,” she said.

The SDPN secretary general said the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini by raising awareness among the Iranian nation could set the ground for the uprising of the people.

“We must follow his example; Palestinian nation must know where they are and to where they shall reach,” she said.

The meeting was also attended by Qodsna Managing Director and Deputy SDPN SG, Mehdi Shakibayi as well as SDPN deputy in international affairs, Hussein Rouyvaran.


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