10,000 Orphans, US-made Terror Group’s Gift to Iraqis

Daesh’s three-year rule on some parts of Iraq has left 10,000 orphans, which has worried the Iraqis about a possible increase in social damage.

Nawaf Karam , a children’s right activist told IRNA that Daesh’s three-year presence in Iraq has left 10,000 children that have at least lost one of their parents.

Karam added during the period Iraqi children’s lives and security have been seriously threatened, and even “we sometimes witnessed starvation and death among them.”

He said that in the war time five million Iraqi children have suffered from violence, severe poverty and tension and need immediate attention.

About half of refugees in Mosul are the children who, due to loss of their parents, are exposed to violence and social damage.

Last week, the Yazidi Affairs Office of the Kurdistan Region had announced that 3,000 Iraqi children have been orphaned, from whom 1759 have lost their fathers and 207 have lost their mothers. 359 children have lost both parents and the remaining parents have been taken captive by Daesh whose fates are unclear.

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