University lecturer: Human Rights is a Tool in Hands of US

US is the biggest violator of human rights," pointed out the University professor lecturing U.S policy in the world.

In an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), at the side line of a conference mounted under the banner of "American Human Rights and Hegemonic dialogue", the University lecturer, Saqaye Bi Riya stressed the U.S, the so-called human right advocate, obviously violates regulations in this arena.

In her term, "Open to abuse, the United States systematically breaches human rights not only against Iranians, but also wherever sees its power and interests in danger."

Lecturing the U.S policy in the region, the political analyst underscored, the country exploits human rights to challenge countries enjoying an independent foreign policy.

"the term human rights has become a tool in the hands of the US to push forward its own objectives across the globe," mentioned Tehran University lecturer.

To her, on top of the foresaid countries, Islamic Republic of Iran stands against which the US. has resorted to human right as a pretext for imposing sanctions.

Sorting the current setbacks out through mechanisms and avenues offered by International bodies like the United Nations may be an unrealistic expectation, as the UN's own structure for human rights creates an unequal power relationship.

"Take nuclear weapon debates, for instance; the body fell silent when it comes to countries having such weaponry," highlighted the University professor.

"The most important mechanism in this regard is sending the voice of Iranians to the people across the globe," pointed out Saqaye Bi Riya noting it falls on Iranians to show they are not indifferent.
People worldwide, even in the United States, touch the human rights abuses of the United States.

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