Peaceful Coexistence, Motto of Divine Religions

Divine religions foster values such as justice, peace and peaceful coexistence, Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman said.
Stressing the need for peace and security in today’s world, Ebrahimi Torkaman underlined that divine faiths promote security and peaceful existence in all of their teachings.

He made the remarks on Sunday at the opening ceremony of the fourth Muslim-Christian Summit.

The summit, has been organized in Tehran by ICRO with the motto of "Respecting and Preserving Human Dignity, Paving the Way for Global Peace and Security”.

Ebrahimi Rorkaman said the participants have gathered to discuss ways for countering one of the main challenges facing humanity today, namely, the decline in spirituality and the spread of violence and extremism that have targeted human dignity and global peace.

He called for scholarly dialogue among religions for working out joint strategies to counter conducts that endanger global peace and security.

That is what ICRO’s Center for Interfaith Dialogue has pursued on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran in over two decades, he added.

The official further stressed the role of religious leaders in strengthening rationality, moderation, and peaceful coexistence in societies.

He expressed hope that the summit will come up with joint strategies to preserve human dignity and promote peace and security in the world.

The fourth Muslim-Christian Summit will run in the Iranian capital for three days.

Scholars and thinkers from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the US, Switzerland, France, Britain, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Italy, India and the Vatican have attended the summit.

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